Monday, December 19, 2005



Some methods that students use to cheat are the little papers used to write the most important things they need to know. Some of them, write answers, and important things and clues on the lap (girls if they have skirt), and on their ankle (if its a boy; girls also do it). I have seen also that people use to cheat their cellphones by somebody at the other end, whispering the answer.

Cheating at any time its a very embarrasing situation because if somebody is caught, not only the teacher takes away the exam and puts a 0, but also the disconcert and self - conscious of the person who cheats because is in front of everybody in the classroom. I think cheating its a crime and has to be punished so it can not be repeated at any time. In my opinion, persons can have a second opportunity, but not three.


I do not agree with peopleĀ“s arguments about cheating in the article of CNN, because they say that they have so much academic pressure that they have to cheat, thts not a good reason for cheating and the only ones perjudicated are them because they really are not learning. About the survey comment that talks about the integrity to make a good impression, thats totally wrong because you can impress other people by using other intelligences like for example the inter and intrapersonal intelligence. People do not only success in life because of their academic grades, is also because how a person can develop throughout life, in the daily life.


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