Thursday, December 15, 2005


Paragraph Summary
Nowadays, people seem very familiar with the Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), because of the lot of children that are padecing them. Persons think that people who have these disorders, can not get still, or even that they do not pay attention to anything, because they live in their world, and they do whatever they want to do. Eventhough in most of the cases, these is true, they can also seem like persons who are very quiet to themselves and in different situations with other persons, "they are in another world". Then, what can we do with people with these disorders? Which are the correct treatments? Causes?
In America, one million children are identified with these two disorders, as a result, most of them, are taking medicine for these reasons, thus a point of disconcert of parents and proffesionals. The Attentional Deficit Disorder is in a fiery way, discussed by all authorities. Some experts, think that ADD syndrome, doesn´t have accesible proofs, so it should be scientificlly eliminated (G. Coles, L. Fleisher and P. Breggin). Other experts, think that this syndrome, comes from a gene, that haves to be with the nervous central system. However, defeaters accept that the fundamental means of ADD is disguised: "There is no single lesion of the brain, no single neurotransmitter system, no single gene we have identified that triggers ADD" (Hallowell and Ratey). Contrariwise, the neuro-biological evidence is the fact that ADD is identified more, in boys than girls and ten times more often in America than in Europe. Actually, in Japan, there aren´t much cases of this syndrome. Finally, by reading this article you can conclude that ADD, is like a puzzle far away from being solved.
My Opinion:
My opinion of this article is that I agree with some experts that they have to entirely discard the idea that this syndrome (ADD) comes from a gene ubicated in the nervous system. The majority of times, like an 80% of the persons diagnosed with it, are because of emotional problems they are having, thats why boys padece it more than girls because boys lifes are more stressedout than girls. I also think that the part of this article that says that some people have to take medicine for these cases, I am in total disagreement, these people have to be treated with psychological and psicoteaching therapy.


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